About Post Pitch

Post Pitch handles blogger outreach for you with AI Automation so you can focus on more important things.

Post Pitch's Story:

Before founding Post Pitch, Zach Derhake deeply immersed himself in the world of SEO for several years. Attending conferences like Moz, he became skilled in the art of search engine optimization. After running a small-scale SEO agency, he started his fitness blog, which led him into affiliate marketing.

While enjoying success, Zach encountered burnout, particularly with the tedious blogger outreach process. This frustration ignited the idea for Post Pitch. While watching a video by blogging guru Adam Enfroy, he stumbled upon a sea of fellow bloggers expressing the same outreach struggles. The epiphany struck - he could leverage AI software to automate blogger outreach and create a business around it.

The big challenge? Coding the platform. That's when Zach turned to his brother, Nathan.

From an early age, Nathan, a brilliant and passionate mathematician, aspired to solve complex mathematical problems. His journey led him into the coding world, where his math skills harmonized perfectly with his coding expertise. Nathan's foray into artificial intelligence culminated in co-founding the AI startup rhythmatic.ai, bridging AI and the music industry.

Though the startup eventually faced challenges, Nathan gained invaluable business insights and bolstered his AI knowledge by selling AI technology to significant music labels. Armed with this comprehensive expertise, he successfully implemented AI technology for large corporations.

Currently pursuing his mathematical aspirations at USC, Nathan was introduced to the vision of Post Pitch by his brother on July 10th, 2023. Captivated by the idea, he delved into coding and actively contributed to the growth and success of Post Pitch. Together, Zach and Nathan's expertise and dedication continue to drive the platform forward, revolutionizing blogger outreach with the power of AI.

The Post Pitch Mission 

At Post Pitch, our mission is to automate guest post outreach completely, and I mean completely. We aim to eventually have artificial intelligence to automate EVERY step of blogger outreach and link building. We want Post Pitch to eventually:

  • Automatically Find URLs to Contact 
  • Automatically Craft Outreach Messages,
  • Automatically Send the Emails
  • ​Automatically Deal with the Responses
  • Automatically Send Smart Follow-up Campaigns
  • Automatically A/B Test Outreach Emails
  • Automatically Group And Organize Link Building Prospects in CRM
  • ​And Automatically Do Much More

Nathan and I want Post Pitch to do everything for you in the shadows without you realizing everything that it does. We aim to deliver backlinks for you every week without you having to spend a second of your life thinking about link-building outreach.

After we figure out link-building outreach perfectly, we intend to automate other aspects of link-building, such as writing guest posts and managing links. Our primary goal with Post Pitch is to take work off bloggers' plates because they are already business enough.

Who We Are:


Zach Derhake

Before starting Post Pitch, I was obsessed with SEO for years. I would attend various blogging and SEO conferences, including the Moz conference. It took me way too long to realize that I can make money off this skill.

For some reason, I always felt inadequate and felt like I needed to learn a bit more before monetizing this skill. So after a full year off "learning," I decided to start helping local plumbing businesses increase their Google traffic.

BTW: Don't do what I did. You will always learn more from actually practicing the skill than from reading about it. So I ran my small-scale SEO agency for almost a year and made some pretty good money.

While doing that, I also started my own personal blog for fun. Here, I began to watch blogging gurus like Adam Enfroy. This opened the door of affiliate marketing for me, and I was hooked. So, I started my fitness blog because I also liked lifting weights.

After a few months, I grew my blog to a decent size and was making good affiliate revenue. Everything was good until I started to feel burned out.

I hated certain repetitive aspects of blogging, such as blogger outreach. I found blogger outreach extremely tedious and would always take a super long time. One day,I felt highly unmotivated, scrolling through YouTube and watching link-building videos. I was watching Adam Enfroy's blogger outreach video, and out of curiosity, I scrolled to the comment section.

That is when I had a massive epiphany that led me to start Post Pitch. I saw hundreds of other bloggers complaining about how guest post outreach is hard and tedious. That's when I got the vision. With some AI software, I could completely automate blogger outreach for myself and these other bloggers and make a business out of that!

After envisioning unlimited possibilities for about 30 minutes, a big problem hit me… who is going to code this thing?


Nathan Derhake

Nathan Derhake | Co-Founder of Post Pitch

From a young age, Nathan Derhake, a brilliant and passionate mathematician, was inspired to solve the Riemann Hypothesis and many other unsolved problems. As he grew older, he delved into the coding world, where his natural mathematical aptitude complemented his coding skills.

In high school, he also explored artificial intelligence, and with his friends, he co-founded the AI startup rhythmatic.ai, connecting AI to the music industry. While the startup failed, Nathan gained valuable business insights and honed his AI expertise by selling AI technology to major music labels like Warner Bros Music and Empire Distributions.

Armed with comprehensive knowledge of AI, Nathan then assisted massive corporations like Livingspaces.com and Partneresi.com in implementing AI technology into their operations.

Currently studying math at USC to pursue his mathematical aspirations, Nathan is also dedicated to enhancing Post Pitch as a better product. On July 10th, 2023, his brother sold him on the Post Pitch vision, leading him to begin coding and contributing to the platform's growth.