Zach Derhake

Co-Founder of Post Pitch


Zach Derhake is the Co-Founder of Post Pitch. Zach's journey into the realm of digital marketing began with an interest in SEO. He immersed himself in this field by attending various blogging and SEO conferences.

After gaining confidence through freelance SEO work , Zach ventured into the world of business by starting a small-scale SEO agency. This agency primarily assisted local plumbing businesses in increasing their online visibility.

Zach also pursued his personal interests by starting his own personal fitness blog because of his intrest for weightlifting. This blog not only allowed him to explore his passion for fitness but also served as a gateway into the world of affiliate marketing. The blog grew to a considerable size, generating significant affiliate revenue.

While managing his blog, he recognized the tedious and time-consuming nature of link-building, and blogger outreach. This realization led to him co-founding Post Pitch in July 2023. Post Pitch leverages AI software to automate and streamline the blogger outreach process. 

Before his venture with Post Pitch, Zach was a Co-Founder at, an AI-powered music recommendation startup. Zach sold Rhythmatic as an engagement-boosting widget to major music labels such as Empire Distribution.

Zach's experiences with Post Pitch, Rhythmatic, and his other online ventures have not only sharpened his skills in generating and converting online traffic but also established him as a confident digital marketer.

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