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How to Do Blogger Outreach With AI

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Hi, I Am Zach Derhake

Co-Founder of Post Pitch

Zach Derhake was once stuck in a job that he hated. He felt he had no choice but to accept the 40-40. (forty hours a week for forty years). One day, Zach was introduced to the online side-hustle space. After failing dropshipping and other side hustles, he ended up blogging. He succeeded at blogging and grew his DA to 50. Now he helps other bloggers through his AI guest post outreach software, Post Pitch.

Get a 3-Step Action Plan to Skyrocket Your Backlinks

Post Pitch Helps Bloggers Send Personalized Outreach Emails at Volume With ZERO Effort on their part! 

We understand that bloggers are very busy with their job, writing content and doing link building. 

That's Why I Built Post Pitch So You Could Take the Link Building Off Your Plate So You Can Focus On More Important Things.

Get a 3-Step Action Plan to Skyrocket Your Backlinks

With Post Pitch, you insert the websites you want to pitch and:

  • The AI Finds the Right Email to Contact
  • ​The AI Generates a personalized Pitch Like This:
  • ​The AI Sends the Email FOR YOU Using One of Our High Converting Templates

It's as simple as this:

You Import The Websites. Then Your Daily Outreach Emails are Sent.

Get a 3-Step Action Plan to Skyrocket Your Backlinks

Exclusive For You

Lead Magnet Value Offer

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