The Only 4 Guest Post Software Tools You Need in 2024

Sunday, February 18, 2024

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The Only 4 Guest Post Software Tools You Need in 2024 

Guest posting is an excellent strategy for boosting brand awareness, building authority, and gaining valuable backlinks. However, many people avoid guest blogging because they think it is time-consuming and tedious.

In 2024, with the emergence of AI, guest posting can be easy.

Some bloggers are getting a surplus of high-quality backlinks without spending multiple hours every week. These bloggers rely on a few essential tools that do most of the heavy lifting.

In this post, I will guide you through the four essential software tools needed for successful guest blogging in 2024​

Top 4 Guest Post Software Tools

1. Post Pitch: Create highly personalized email introductions with AI (Free)
2. Respona: All-in-one blogger outreach tool – saves a lot of time in the guest post process (Paid)
3. SEMrush: All-in-one SEO tool that can find guest post opportunities, research guest post opportunities, and help with on-page SEO  (Free plans available)
4. GTP Store (OpenAI):  No need to spend money on an AI writing tool. Use the new GTP store to write high-quality SEO content + get access to thousands of other GTPS. (Paid)


1. Post Pitch A.I. Personalization Tool

Screenshot of Post Pitch AI Personalization Tool

One of the most complex parts of guest posting is that you are pitching strangers. They do not know or trust you, so why would they let you write a blog on their website?

The unfamiliarity of cold outreach targets presents a significant challenge, and that is why you need personalization.

Personalized emails quickly build trust and connection because they make you seem like you know each other.

This is why the Post Pitch A.I. Personalization Tool is so valuable. When writing your guest post pitch, you can create a personalized introduction to your prospect for free in seconds.

Here’s how it works:

Insert a blog URL into our free tool. For example

Then, our personalization tool will generate a free personalized line like this:

"Hey Zach,

​I loved your article about how high-quality backlinks are the key to SEO success! I found it very interesting how you said that a high-quality backlink must be relevant to your site, authoritative, and natural."

The sentence above is AI-generated!

You can insert a personalized introduction like this into the start of all your pitches.

Click here to use the tool for free.​


2. Respona

Respona Guest Posting Tool Dashboard

Respona is an all-in-one guest post outreach tool that streamlines the process of finding guest post opportunities, sending email campaigns, and managing relationships.

With its automated email outreach sender and built-in search engine, Respona saves you a significant amount of time by finding contact information and sending personalized outreach emails.

It's the perfect tool for those looking to scale their guest blogging efforts without sacrificing quality. Respona also has an easy-to-use UI.

Respona is constantly implementing artificial intelligence into their outreach campaigns and is committed to leading the way in using AI to revolutionize guest posting.​


3. SEMRush

SEMrush domain authority dashboard

Next in our lineup of essential guest post software tools for 2024 is SEMRush. SEMRush is widely recognized for its comprehensive SEO toolkit, but it's also incredibly valuable for guest bloggers looking to enhance their strategy.

Key Features to Use In the Guest Post Process:

1. Link Building Tool: This tool allows you to build large outreach lists of websites related to yours to reach out to regarding guest posts.

2. SEO Writing Assistant: The SEO Writing Assistant can help you optimize the On-page SEO of your guest posts via content scores and tips.

3. Domain Overview: You can get excellent statistics on different websites, such as traffic and domain authority, to determine if they are worth writing for.

This entire software is free to use, so it is a no-brainer to sign up and start utilizing some of these tools. However, you will have to pay for a high amount of usage.​


4. GPT Store

GTP store guest posting and writing tools

You don't have to spend a fortune on an AI writing software or pay a freelancer to create high-quality SEO content. With some of the new GPTs available, you can generate compelling content that resonates with your target audience and meets the standards of top-tier blogs.

With access to thousands of other GPTs for just $20 a month, you can streamline your content creation process and save time.​

Does Guest Posting Still Work?

Yes, guest posting will remain a powerful strategy in 2024. It's a legitimate way to build relationships, enhance your brand's visibility, and gain valuable backlinks, which are vital to improving your site's SEO.

Contrary to some beliefs, Google does not penalize guest posting, provided it's done with quality content that adds value to the reader.

The benefits of guest posting are evident, from boosting your domain authority to expanding your audience reach, making it an essential tactic in any marketer's toolkit.​



The right tools can make a huge difference in your guest posting efforts. With the help of Post Pitch A.I., Respona, SEMRUSH, and the GPT Store, you can make the process easier and more effective.

These tools help you work smarter, not harder, giving you better results without wasting your time.

If you want to skip the time-consuming process of learning SEO and link-building, you might be interested in the services offered by Post Pitch. With Post Pitch, you can automate your link-building process and watch your business's traffic, domain authority, and brand recognition skyrocket.

Our team of experts will implement our proven link-building and SEO strategies to help you achieve your goals. To get started, click on the link to book a free link-building growth call and receive a 3-Step Action Plan to skyrocket your backlinks!

Frequently Asked Questions:


How does guest posting benefit SEO?

Guest posting can significantly enhance your SEO by providing high-quality backlinks, increasing brand visibility, and driving targeted traffic to your site.​


Is guest posting suitable for all industries?

Yes, guest posting can be tailored to suit any industry, providing a platform to share expertise, gain credibility, and reach new audiences.


How often should I guest post?

The frequency of guest posting depends on your marketing goals and resources. Consistency is critical, whether monthly, quarterly or at a different interval.


Can guest posting increase my domain authority?

Absolutely. Guest posting on reputable sites can improve your domain authority by passing on link equity and enhancing your backlink profile.


How do I track the success of my guest posting efforts?

Track metrics such as referral traffic, backlink growth, domain authority changes, and the performance of guest post content in terms of engagement and conversions.

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With Post Pitch, you insert the websites you want to pitch and:

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It's as simple as this:

You Import The Websites. Then Your Daily Outreach Emails are Sent.

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