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Sunday, August 06, 2023

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How To Do Guest Posting For Beginners (5 Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do): 

Guest Posting is when you let someone from another site write an article for your site. It is a great tool to get more backlinks and traffic.

However, many find it very confusing. Today I am here to tell you that it is actually very simple. Read along to discover my 5 easy steps to getting started with guest posting.

The 5 Easy Steps to Succeeding at Guest Posting:

Step 1: Build an Outreach List

The first step to guest posting is figuring out what sites you want to be featured on. You may be able to think of a couple of sites off the top of your head, but there are much more effective ways.

The goal is to build a massive list of URLs so you never have to revisit it again. So let's build a killer list!

My favorite way to do this is using Post Pitch or SEMrush's list-building software. With these software, all you have to do is type in your website and some details, and then boom! All of a sudden, you have a 3,000 URL list!

If you don't have access to these software, you can do this through Google for free.

Go to your browser and type in "[niche] blogs" Unless you are in a micro-niche, you will probably find a list of thousands of URLs.

If you are managing a big brand, I recommend that you vett some of these sites before you outreach them. You don't want to hurt your reputation accidentally. Although the software is good, occasionally, they find unrelated URLs.

Step 2: Craft an Outreach Email

The next step is crafting a pitch. it is crucial that you send these emails with personalization. No one wants to see some generic email pitching them on a guest post.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to develop a pitch on your own. The good news is that we already figured out the best guest post outreach templates for beginners and advanced for you.

You can get each template here, but remember these are the 6 core components of a great guest post outreach email:

  • Great subject line
  • Personalization
  • Introduce yourself
  • ​Value prop to them/ unique leverage point
  • Open to any collaboration
  • Social proof

Step 3: Send the Emails

The key to sending these outreach emails is consistency. So when you pick the number of emails you want to send daily, don't go crazy.

Pick a number that you can consistently do each and every day. Sending these emails can be a lot of work and a bit tedious.

Either you can toughen up and send them anyway, or you can completely automate the entire process with AI.

There is a software called Post Pitch where you input the website you want to pitch and then the AI:

1. Automatically finds the right email to contact 

2. Crafts AI personalization following this script: 

3. Sends the email for you using one of our high converting templates 

This is a great way to completely automate your link-building process so you can focus on other things. You can try the software for free here:

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Step 4: Secure the Post

Once someone says yes, the next step is to secure the post. There are 3 things that I do to make sure that everything goes smoothly from there.

1. Pitch Topics: Now that they are interested, you must find some topics they like. I generally have a list of the following 10-20 topics that I want to write about. You can find these topics by doing keyword research. Also, ensure that the article you pitch is not already on their website. That would be embarrassing.

2. Ask for Guidelines: Next, you ask for their guidelines. Sometimes bloggers have them, and sometimes bloggers don't, but it is crucial to ask for them. You don't want to spend time writing a post just for them to say that your post violates their guidelines. That would suck.

3. Confirm Greenlight: I like to always finish these responding emails by saying, "is this a greenlight?" This confirms that everything is good for me to start writing.

Step 5: Write the Post

Finally, the fun part. You get to write a post. The best way to write good content is to research other ranking articles and then model your approach based on them.

Focus on writing in simple, clear language and answering the search intent.

If this is too much work for you, there are a few ways you can outsource your writing.

Way 1: Use AI. AI is taking over the world whether you like it or not. You can take advantage of this and use ChatGPT to write an article for you. There are also specific AI article generators, such as Jasper AI and Content at Scale. Just make sure you add a human touch before you publish it because AI lacks many human traits.

Way 2: Pay a writer on Fiver or Upwork. You can easily hire a professional freelancing writer to do the writing for you. The quality will vary based on the price, but from my experience, the writing is generally good. This is a good option unless you are writing about an unknown topic.



That's it! Your Done. Now you learned the basic steps on how to find and write your first guest post. Once you get featured on a few sites, you will notice a considerable increase in Domain Authority and traffic.

However, it is essential to remember that guest posts are just the beginning. Adam Enfroy once said: Guest Posts are the fuel but partnerships are the Engine. If you want to learn how to build strategic partnerships with other bloggers, you can read this article.

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